PROFINET is getting even faster – 31,25 microseconds cycle time has been demonst

PROFINET is getting even faster – 31,25 microseconds cycle time has been demonstrated at Industrial Automation Fair in Hannover

9. May 2012 - This high performance is made possible by the implementation of the current PROFINET Specification V2.3, in which the 'Dynamic Frame Packing,' 'Fast Forwarding,' and 'Fragmentation' mechanisms are defined. The innovative procedure has been used to achieve extremely short cycle times and an extremely efficient bandwidth utilization by PROFINET devices.

The technology demonstration effectively showed not only the cycle time of 31.25 µs but also the harmonious parallel transmission of TCP/IP data on the PROFINET bus. A measuring technology application underscored the many possible uses of PROFINET for all application scenarios in the automation industry.

The core of the technology model was the new ERTEC 200P from Siemens, which is the most powerful ASIC in its class. Devices built with the ERTEC 200P can transmit IO data at cycle times as short as 31,25 µs. New devices that are being developed in accordance with PROFINET Specification V2.3 remain fully compatible with devices in current use.

The new ASIC is suitable for widespread use, such as for measuring technology devices, converter controls, hydraulic control loops, high-precision I/O devices, motion control drives, and fast encoders.

Norik Systems is providing PROFINET integration services.

More information about PROFINET integration services:

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