Accelerated growth of PROFINET and PROFIsafe

Accelerated growth of PROFINET and PROFIsafe

2 April 2011 - PROFINET now with 3 million devices in the market, PROFIsafe exceeds 1 million by a wide margin.01.04.2011Germany In 2010 nearly twice as many PROFINET devices were installed as in the previous year. The numbers of PROFIBUS and PROFIsafe devices have also increased significantly over the previous year. This further extends the market leadership of the PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) with respect to PROFINET, PROFIsafe, and PROFIBUS.

With 900,000 devices added in 2010, PROFINET has now reached an installed base of 3 million. PROFINET for a wide range of applications was correct. “The completion of the “PROFINET for Process Automation” profile is an important step towards a uniform communication concept for the process and manufacturing industries,” explained Joerg Freitag (PI Chairman). He is certain that “the path has now been cleared for PROFINET in process automation, and this opens up many new prospects in this sector. We expect a further significant rise in the number of installed PROFINET nodes over the next few years.”

The installed base of PROFIBUS devices increased by 4.2 million in 2010 to a total of 35.6 million. Considering the accelerated growth of PROFINET, this amount is very impressive and proves that user confidence in PROFIBUS remains very high. Of the total number of installed devices, 6 million have been added to process automation plants. As a result, PROFIBUS is taking on an important role in process automation, as well.

With 300,000 PROFIsafe nodes installed in 2010, significantly more devices were sold than in the previous year (2009: 220,000). The installed base of PROFIsafe devices is now 1,15 million. PROFIsafe is thus the unchallenged market leader in the field of safety technology.

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