Norik Systems provides Software Engineering Services for Siemens Austria

Norik Systems provides software engineering servicesĀ for Siemens Austria

29 May 2009 - Norik Systems cooperates with Siemens Austria. Norik Systems provides PROFINET-IO know-how for the development of Profinet-IO development kits. These development kits are intended for software developers and for application developers who want to use the devkit for new PROFINET-based products on real-time platforms.

About PROFINET-IO Development Kits

The development kits for PROFINET can be used for the development of compact or modular PROFINET field devices in relatively short time and with minimum effort. Depending on the field of application, different development kits are available. The development kits for ASICs of the ERTEC family (Enhanced Real-Time Ethernet Controller) are suited for the development of field devices with integrated IRT switch (Isochronous Real-Time). Requirements for real-time capability, linear topology capability and for IT integration are therefore met perfectly. With the help of the development kit for standard Ethernet controllers, PROFINET devices can be developed on the basis of standard Ethernet controllers. It can be used to implement devices with RT (Real-Time) without special hardware in the field device. The PROFIsafe StarterKit is used for implementation of fail-safe devices. The PROFIsafe stack application builds on the PROFINET stack. More about PROFINET-IO development kits.

About Norik Systems

Norik Systems assists world-leading equipment manufacturers develop robust, innovative and cost-effective products for their markets. With a customer base spread across Europe, Norik Systems has a proven ability to deliver a professional, complete service to our clients regardless of their location. Covering a wide range of technical disciplines, Norik Systems' expertise gives you the freedom to choose either from a range of complementary services or take advantage of our complete project-managed development package. Working closely together with your product management and development teams, our dedicated, professional experts help you accelerate product development and minimize risks at every stage.

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