Norik Systems cooperates with Cinecom

Norik Systems gewinnt Auftrag von Cinecom

12 July 2006 - Norik Systems has won a contract from austrian company Cinecom Systems GmbH to speed up the development of their new product - Cinecom HD Clipper.

The Cinecom HD Clipper ® is a video player of the HD generation that unites the functions of a video player, control unit, relay and audio switch in a single device. The system is based not on PC technology but on stable industry automation technology. It can be integrated easily into the systems already in place and is capable of accommodating future coding standards such as MPEG4 or JPG2000.

About Cinecom Systems

As a pioneer in digital screen advertising technology in Europe, Cinecom Systems has comprehensive experience in this field. At the beginning of 2004, Austria became the second country in Europe to digitalize cinema advertising in all major cinema centers. Since then, Cinecom has developed unique expertise in all aspects of digital cinema advertising and now covers all major logistics functions " from commercial spot production and distribution to cinema equipment ". Their digital advertising system has operated successfully for two years now and is being adopted by a steadily growing number of cinemas.

About Norik Systems

Norik Systems assists world-leading equipment manufacturers develop robust, innovative and cost-effective products for their markets. With a customer base spread across Europe, Norik Systems has a proven ability to deliver a professional, complete service to our clients regardless of their location. Covering a wide range of technical disciplines, Norik Systems' expertise gives you the freedom to choose either from a range of complementary services or take advantage of our complete project-managed development package. Working closely together with your product management and development teams, our dedicated, professional experts help you accelerate product development and minimize risks at every stage.

Contact Information

Norik Sistemi d.o.o.
Matthias Gorjup
Stari trg 9
SI-3210 Slov. Konjice, Slovenia
Phone: + 386 (0) 41 540 545
Phone: + 386 (0) 3 759 3077
Fax.: + 386 (0) 3 759 3078

Cinecom Systems GmbH
Mag. Christof Federle
Schoenbrunner Strasse 7c
A-1040 Vienna
Phone: ++43-1-587-05 15-0
Fax.: ++43-1-587-05 15-30

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