Training & Consulting

Training & Consulting

Tell us more about your learning and development needs and we will find a perfect training for your team or point you in the right direction with the help of our consultants.

Become a leader with the right knowledge

We provide experienced professionals for training and consulting assignments in the area of Computer Science.

Whether you are at the beginning of developing your idea or a well established brand – there is always a room for improvement. Choosing the right approach and technology aligned with business strategy can be of vital importance for your company. With the help of our experts, you can find the most affordable and technologically advanced path for developing your business further.

Showing you the advanced path


Choose the right technology

With our rich experience in software & hardware development we will review your requirements and help you select the most efficient architecture and development tools for your project.

Programming Languages

C, C++, C#, Java, Assembly languages, Shell scripting, Qt, NodeJS, PHP, Python, Go, SQL, JavaScript, Angular, React, VueJS

Development Tools

Hitex, Lauterbach Debuggers, Wind River Tools, Visual Studio, Eclipse, gcc, Make, AntMake, Qt

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